In Tzarevo city - "North Zone".

The lay of Tzarevo in one ecological area, in Strandja mountain and near to the Black sea - defines "Sea Breeze" as one of the most desirable places to have a rest.
Holiday Village - Sea Breeze
Holiday Village - Sea Breeze The town of Tzarevo has a population of more than 6000 and lies 60 km. in the south of Bourgas.
If you visit Tzarevo don't miss to spend some time away from the beach - deep into the Strandja mountain - picturesque and misterious. Strandja is declared as a Natural park in 1995. It is one of the least exploited places in Bulgaria. That is the reason of the rich and unique wildlife. In the western part of the mountain you may see many magnificent caves with traces of ancient civillizations. The mountain villages are unique with their spirit and historical architecture. By the road to Malko Turnovo, on the southwest of Tzarevo are situated two distinctive villages - Kolodovo (22km away from Tzarevo) and Bulgari (17km away). The village Bulgari is exclusively famous with its unique outstanding dances on the fire - "nestinari" (barefoot dance on glowing embers), held on the occasion of village fairs or holidays. The root of those Dances on fire is deep in the antquity and later they become a part of the Christian religious habits.